What is Regenerative Medicine?

Regenerative medicine is an exciting, fast growing research field that offers hope to those looking for a nonsurgical alternative to pain management.

In 2006, the US National Institutes of Health defined regenerative medicine as ‘the process of creating living, functional tissues to repair or replace tissue or organ function lost due to age, disease, damage, or congenital defects.’ Regenerative medicine, at its most basic, works by amplifying your body’s natural healing response in order to treat a major injury without resorting to surgery.

Southwest Spine & Sports has been helping people throughout the state of Arizona manage and eliminate their pain since 1999. Always striving to serve our patients better, we are at the forefront of regenerative medicine and are continually working to advance our knowledge of the practice.

Recognized as Top Doctors in the valley, our team of specialists brings not only their unparalleled medical knowledge and skills but also genuine care and concern for each and every patient we see from all ages and walks of life. From seasoned athletes to “Weekend Warriors,” there’s no limit to who can receive regenerative medicine therapy to treat their pain.

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Here’s What Our Patients Have to Say About Regenerative Medicine

PRP Therapy

Dr. Wolff, Thank you so very much for helping me to relieve the pain and regain the strength in my right arm. The PRP injection worked so well that I have almost no pain and my function is 85% better than before the procedure. Thank you for doing the PRP injection for me! Your office staff was professional and friendly; it was a pleasure to be a patient at Southwest Spine & Sports. Thanks again.

— Eric P.

At almost 90 years old one expects to have some pain… that changed last March with too much of a work out at the gym! After chiropractor manipulation offering some results, we turned to Dr. Wolff. We went ahead with PRP treatment and several weeks later some Physical Therapy. My mother is back to being fit, no pain, no need of a second injection, as we originally thought, and soon will be back in the gym. Dr. Wolff did not over promise, was realistic with us and the end result is fabulous. I expect my mother to be without pain for many years and if we have any problem will be right back to Dr. Wolff, but hopefully not too soon!

— Magda B.

I wanted to tell you how happy I am with the treatment I received from Dr. Wolff and his staff- The PRP injection put me back in the saddle again- I was able to finish a 75 mile endurance ride on my horse this past November and several 50 mile rides since then with no pain in the “butt” so to say, due to my torn glute muscle. Dr. Wolff and his staff are always so great! They take the time to meet with me and explain the options with the understanding that I am an athlete and I like to keep in shape and keep my fitness level high. I recently had my husband meet with them about a knee problem and they worked to help him with options for his knee issues. I strongly recommend him to anyone! Thanks for all you do Dr. Wolff and staff!!!! My horse thanks you too!

— Kim A.

Stem Cell/Regenerative Medicine

Hi Dr. Wolff,

Hope all is well and you had a good Holiday. I wanted to up date you with my progress. So far so good, I think I told you that I am training for the GoreTex Trans Rockie again this year. I started my training in November just small mileage about 10 miles a week nothing challenging. As of this month I am up to almost 30 miles a week doing a long 12-15 miler once a week. I have little issue with my back just a little soreness from time to time.

I am so grateful that you where able to help me get back on track. You are my Hero!!!!!!!

I will keep you updated as my training continues. The real challenge will come when I run 20 mile’s in a day and back to back long runs. I will start doing that kind of mileage sometime around the month of March/April. The race isn’t until Aug. so I have plenty of time.

Thanks again for everything you have done for me.

— Carrie

For more information or to schedule a consultation, click here or call us today at (480) 860-8998.