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About Our Foundation


SWSS FIRE Mission Statement

Striving to always be at the forefront of regenerative medicine research, SWSS FIRE aims to restore physical health and function. The goal is to restore tissue health, reduce pain, and improve function allowing people with both acute and chronic musculoskeletal injuries to return to a more active lifestyle. We focus on educating the community on innovative alternatives to traditional treatments.

At the Forefront of Research Into Regenerative Medicine

SWSS FIRE was established in 2013 by the Medical Director of Southwest Spine and Sports (SWSS) – Dr. Michael W. Wolff, M.D. out of his desire to bring regenerative medicine to the forefront of patient medical care. Regenerative medicine has the potential to actually slow down or potentially reverse the degenerative process caused by injury or aging. It also has the potential to stimulate faster and potentially a fuller recovery in acute, subacute and even chronic soft tissue and joint injuries. These exciting new technologies can treat a variety of acute or chronic musculoskeletal injuries from tendinitis to degenerative disc disease offer patients an alternative to traditional treatments like steroids or surgery with its associated risks and often painful, lengthy recovery.

As a Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation (PM&R) physician group, SWSS is dedicated to reducing pain and restoring function using a comprehensive non-surgical approach.

SWSS FIRE focuses on educating the community and responsibly developing new, natural regenerative therapies including treatment with platelet rich plasma, adult mesenchymal stem cells and fibrin disc sealant.

SWSS FIRE is currently enrolling patients in a clinical trial that is studying the efficacy of regenerative therapy with autologous bone marrow derived stem cells for the treatment of discogenic low back pain. All our research is conducted under the highest ethical standards, performed by well trained physicians using state of the art technology/equipment to maximize the patients safety and comfort at all times. Contact us today if you think you might be a candidate.

SWSS FIRE’s long-term goal is to slow down the progression of arthritis in cases of joint pain and restore muscles and ligaments to a healthier, stronger more functional state when cases involve soft tissue injuries. Ultimately, this technology may help to delay or better yet reduce or even eliminate the need for painful surgeries.

SWSS FIRE is a proud sponsor of the 2014 Southwest Spine & Sports Mountain to Fountain 5k/15k Race. This race is a non-profit event organized by Phoenix Free Souls running group and staff from Southwest Spine & Sports. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to SWSS FIRE to help support clinical research and education on minimally invasive, natural, regenerative therapies. Learn more about the race.

SWSS FIRE is a recognized IRS Public Charity (IRS Sec. 509(a)(2)), eligible to receive tax deductible donations. TIN 90-0972081.