Patient Portal Information

Please click the MyHealth Record button below to access the patient portal or follow this link

Listed below are highlights of what you can do within the patient portal:

Health Records

  • View your health records.
  • Download your health record data.
  • Electronically send health records.


  • View Scheduled Appointments.
  • Request a new appointment.

Visit Information

  • See lab orders and test results.
  • View care plan and plan of treatment.


  • View your current medications.
  • Request prescription refills.

Communicate with Providers & Staff

  • Ask a medical question.
  • Request a medical record.
  • Ask an insurance question.
  • Ask a billing question.
  • Ask a general question.

Personal & Insurance Information

  • Update or correct your personal information such as phone number or address.
  • Update or correct your insurance information.

If you have an email address on file with us you should receive a registration email soon or it has already been sent. Please check your spam folder if it has not shown up in your inbox.

If you do not have an email address on file with us or if you need to update your email address, please call us at (480) 860-8998 and one of our customer service representatives will update your records and send you the email invite.

Frequently Asked Questions