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Is a rotator cuff tear causing you to experience shoulder pain or decreased function? Rotator cuff tears are a common source of shoulder dysfunction and can happen suddenly with activity or may develop slowly as we age. Traditionally, physicians have relied on medications and anti-inflammatory injections to help improve pain temporarily while patients have physical […]

Ever wonder how tennis superstar Rafael Nadal made his astounding comeback last year? Lots of patience, hard work, and an effective treatment program including Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy! Years of intense practice and play, especially on hard courts, had taken a potentially career-threatening toll on the Spaniard’s knees, but with the help of intense […]

PRP is a new innovative treatment for healing joint and soft tissue pain, low back disc degeneration and arthritis. It stimulates the body’s natural healing forces, enabling most patients to avoid invasive surgery and aggressive long-term medications such as anti-inflammatories, steroid injections and epidurals. At Southwest Spine and Sports we are proud to be at […]

It looks like the use of stem cells to treat chronic low back pain is continuing to show promise, this time thanks to an international phase II clinical trial performed in March 2014 that included researchers at the Emory Orthopedics & Spine Center. This latest trial showed patients experienced more than a 50 percent reduction in pain over […]

A new study, published this month from Australia, suggests regular exercise may alter how a person experiences pain. The results are encouraging for people struggling with chronic pain and may indicate that exercise can assist in controlling their pain without medication and aid their long-term recovery. Our doctors at Southwest Spine & Sports are PM&R […]