Parents can keep kids safe by talking about misusing prescription medications

During National Drug Facts Week, the Food and Drug Administration is alerting parents that misuse of prescription medication is a growing problem they can help prevent by talking about these dangers with their teen and young adult children. FDA has developed a Misuse of Prescription Pain Reliever Web page that contains resources parents can use to discuss this problem with them. Help keep your kids safe and alive by visiting the Web page and sharing The Buzz Takes Your Breath Away…Permanently, a document geared to teens and young adults.

When used correctly and under a doctor’s supervision, prescription drugs are safe and effective. However, kids need to know that taking too much of these medications or mixing them with other medicines, illicit drugs, or alcohol can be deadly. Parents can help by educating their children about the consequences of misusing prescription pain relievers and other medications.

The Web page was created to help consumers avoid the dangers of misusing prescription pain medication. In addition to the fact sheet, the page contains a variety of other information and materials. Keep your children safe during National Drug Facts Week and every week by having a discussion with them and sharing this important message.