Massage Therapy for Pain Relief

Did you know that massage could help alleviate your back pain and improve recovery time? Receiving a massage does so much more than just make you feel good – it can have lasting beneficial effects.

Relieving stress is one of the primary benefits of massage, and in turn aids emotional and physical healing. Massage releases endorphins (“feel good” hormones) into your bloodstream, which help relax your mind as well as your muscles, reducing the feeling of pain. Relaxing specific muscles through a variety of massage techniques relieves the tension, alleviating that tight, achy feeling and even improving functional range of motion. The increased circulation of blood to those areas also helps to heal and improve recovery time.

Massage is not just an indulgence – it is a necessary component in achieving and maintaining good health. Used in combination with exercise and good nutrition, massage therapy can be an excellent part of a well-balanced lifestyle.

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