How Do You Say PRP in Italian?

An idyllic vacation tour of Italy in May. Lake Como, Santa Margherita, Tuscany, Florence, and the Amalfi Coast. Who wouldn’t want to go?

Maureen Anton for one, at least not with Bursitis and Arthritis.

“The pain on the top of foot was so severe that it would keep me up almost every night,” Maureen says.

Cortisone proved helpful for both in the past. “I did experience some relief,” Maureen explains. “But I didn’t want to have steroids continually injected into my body.” Still, by February, Arthritis and Bursitis seemed to be going strong. An experienced traveler, she already knew how much walking she would do on a trip to Italy. The foot pain alone would make for unpleasant evenings on the trip she would take with her husband and another couple.

The Arthritis and Bursitis also limited activities around her Scottsdale home including spin classes and Pilates. By February, with travel to Italy a few months away, Dr. Michael Wolff, Medical Director of Southwest Spine & Sports (SWSS), suggested Maureen, 67, receive injections of Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) instead of cortisone. The aim was to provide healing as well as pain relief.

The benefit was immediate. “Within two weeks of the PRP injections, the pain level went from 8-10 down to 0-1,” Maureen explains. And the healing was evident, too. “The results were amazing,” she adds. “The swelling also was dramatically reduced.”

Some downtime followed. Dr. Wolff told her to not exercise for 8 weeks. “No hiking, no Pilates, nothing; just walking,” Maureen explains. “I followed his directions because I didn’t want to get more cortisone injections – PRP is all natural.”

The eight weeks of healing also fit the travel schedule. By the time the restrictions ended, Maureen was jetting to Milan. The PRP injections left the Bursitis pain-free and the Arthritis in her foot didn’t even register. “I used my iPhone and looked at the distance we walked,” she said. “It was about 6-8 miles a day.”

More trips to Italy are in the planning phase, Maureen notes, including a family stay in a Tuscan villa. For now, she’s grateful to Dr. Wolff and Southwest Spine & Sports for the freedom to travel. “I can’t express enough how pleased I am with Dr. Wolff, his manner, professionalism, accurate diagnosis and especially providing treatment options,” she says. “I highly recommend PRP treatment if it’s an option.”

What is PRP and stem cell therapy?

PRP is one of the most exciting emerging forms of regenerative medicine for soft tissue injuries. Safe, effective, and all natural, PRP heals damaged joints and soft tissue injuries while also relieving pain. PRP therapy uses a small sample of the patient’s own blood, spun in a centrifuge to concentrate platelets, then injected into the injured area. An alternative to surgery, PRP injections are getting great results for patients of all ages.

SWSS physicians have been practicing regenerative medicine for nearly a decade – keeping up with modern advances, participating in research, and helping patients live pain-free, from elite athletes to weekend warriors. In further supporting advancement in the field, SWSS donates a portion of revenue from every regenerative medicine procedure to the SWSS Foundation for Innovation, Research & Education (SWSS FIRE).

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