Early Treatment Produces Better Health Later

That chronic pain doesn’t necessarily need prescribed painkillers or an operation. The same goes for nagging stiffness in your sore back and swollen joints.

Meds or surgery might be later requirements, but not absolutes. If that doesn’t sound likely in this age of quick-cuts and opioid pill prescription madness, recalculate. There is a better way.

The alternative?

Interventional Pain Management.

A more holistic approach to overall health that incorporates the understanding that the body ages and pain and injuries can occur, Interventional Pain Management offers a comprehensive outlook. It focuses on the individual patient and the specific needs and expectations that person has for enjoying a normal active life. That focus is consistent with the principles of physical medicine and rehabilitation or physiatry, one of the strengths of Southwest Spine & Sports, explains Dr. Michael Wolff.

“Consistent with the perspective of physiatry, Interventional Pain Management is about treating each patient as an individual case with unique goals and trying to get them better without surgical intervention,” Wolff says.

SWSS patients benefitting from Interventional Pain Management receive help with joint and back pain, muscular ailments, even headaches, Wolff adds. Interventional Pain Management also addresses areas such as spines and spinal conditions, electrodiagnostics, and even regenerative medical procedures such as stem cell treatments and platelet rich plasma (PRP) therapy.

And treatments typically include non-invasive injections, nerve blockers, electric stimulation, and physical therapy. For example, the goal is to treat pain from compressed discs with therapy and medicine, when appropriate, before the discs require surgery. Thorough neuromusculoskeletal exams and knowledge of the patient’s lifestyle are critical foundation elements that enable SWSS doctors and staff to deliver therapies and treatments. Each subsequent aspect learned about a patient through Interventional Pain Management builds on that patient’s individual profile to concentrate on specific needs.

Early awareness and treatment of health issues is the key – and interventional – aspect. Southwest Spine & Sport doctors and staff treat pain disorders and conditions with the expectation of the patient continuing to lead, or resuming, a healthy and vital range of activities. That means knowing each patient’s interests and pursuits.

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