Discseel® Patient Success Stories

How the Discseel® Procedure Changed Erica’s Life

Description: Erica was an active mom of two children, and loved to run and hike. When back pain threatened to take everything she loved away from her, she sought treatment and experienced excruciating side effects.  Watch how Discseel® got Erica back on track to qualify for the Boston Marathon.

“I have been able to engage in every activity with my family that I’ve ever wanted to be a part of. It’s 100% turned my life around.”  – Erica Knudsen

How the Discseel® Procedure Changed Sean’s Life

Description: Sean Gilbert’s active lifestyle on the island of Honolulu was hindered by his back pain. Over the course of several years, his pain progressed, despite various treatments, and he was forced to stop hiking and surfing. See how the non-invasive Discseel® Procedure was able to get Sean back to the activities he loved.

“Pauza’s Disc treatment has given me back my life. It’s given me the lifestyle that I moved to Hawaii for, 35 years ago.”  – Sean Gilbert

How the Discseel® Procedure Changed Jim’s Life

Description: Jim suffered from back pain for well over 10 years, and his job and business were suffering. His quality of life was declining and he wasn’t able to do the things he loved. Because Jim didn’t want “deck screws” in his back, he pursued other treatments and learned about Discseel®. See how Jim now lives his life without worrying about back pain.

“The next morning, I didn’t have any pain. And this is the first time in 10 years I had no pain. The pain from that moment until now, hasn’t come back.” –Jim Murphy

How the Discseel® Procedure Changed Rick’s Life

Description: Rick’s fight against chronic back pain began early in his life. After pursuing multiple treatments over the course of several years, Rick’s suffering only got worse. His life and business began to suffer, and then he found Discseel®.  Watch how this minor treatment had major results for Rick.

“Now I’m able to focus on my business, not my back pain.” –Rick Hart

How the Discseel® Procedure Changed Charlie’s Life

Description: Charlie was active in many sports from an early age. But an increasing level of back pain made Charlie cautious about being active in the sports he loved and even everyday tasks. The treatments he received gave him no relief, and Charlie feared invasive fusion surgery. Watch how Discseel® gave Charlie his life back.

“It’s been amazing the difference that has occurred in my life. It really was a game changer for me. So for me, Discseel has changed my life.” – Charlie Bolton

How the Discseel® Procedure Changed Hector’s Life

Description: When Hector fell off a ladder at work, his life changed forever. Constant back pain altered his life, and his family life began to suffer. The Discseel® Procedure had him back to work within 7 days and he can enjoy his favorite hobbies again! Watch how the Discseel® Procedure gave Hector his life back.

“The Discseel® Procedure has giving me back something that my back and physical activities took away from me. It gave me back my life. It gave me back my family.” – Hector Rivera

How the Discseel® Procedure Changed Jenny’s Life

Description: Jenny was an active grandmother who loved to travel together with her husband. Back pain started to control her life, and she found the Discseel® Procedure after failed Spinal Fusion. Now Jenny is as active as ever, loving her family and traveling the world.

“I really thought I would spend the rest of my life in bed, or maybe in a wheelchair. The Discseel® Procedure gave me my life back.”

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