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Read the incredible, life-changing stories of patients who have received regenerative medicine treatments from SWSS.

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Find out if you’re a candidate for one of our regenerative medicine procedures (Stem Cell, Plasma Rich Platelet (PRP) or Fibrin Disc Repair) by taking our online questionnaire.

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When you’re dealing with a sporting injury or pain in your back, muscles, joints, or nerves, a real solution can often feel out of reach. Southwest Spine & Sports is your solution. Our expert team of board-certified physical medicine and rehabilitation doctors (physiatrists) will take the necessary time to effectively diagnose and explain the nonsurgical treatments available to you.

Our Provider Bios

The Discseel® Procedure

If you are like most back pain sufferers, you are willing to try anything to get your pain-free life back. However, not all treatment options are the same. Currently, the traditional treatments for repairing a damaged or torn spinal disc leave patients with a host of side effects, without consistently providing relief. Read more

Stem Cell Therapy

Stem Cell Therapy

Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC) therapy uses the body’s own stem cells to treat all types of degenerative conditions. It is a natural, safe alternative to steroids and often to more invasive surgery. MSCs represent a paradigm shift in treating musculoskeletal injuries and neurological conditions. They are a breakthrough, nonsurgical treatment option for individuals suffering from low back pain, joint pain or other soft tissue injuries. Read more

back pain

Fibrin Disc Repair

Studies have shown that  a damaged disc is often the source of low back pain. Unfortunately, the disc is regularly overlooked in the non-surgical management of low back pain. The disc causes pain either because of internal disc disruption (tears in the disc wall, referred to as annular tears), or disc degeneration as we age.  Read more

Rachel McCarroll

Platelet Rich Plasma Leads to A New Way to Walk

Walking on a waterbed is just no fun. It’s unstable and you wobble – a lot. That’s how Rachel McCarroll felt when she walked. A 2010 fall injured her right leg and led her California doctors to put a pin in her right femur. The Phoenix resident didn’t feel comfortable from the start. “I assumed they must have touched the muscle,” she said. “Nothing showed up in the MR, X-rays, or anything. After they let me go at the hospital, it still hurt.”  Read more

woman exercising

Disc Treatment Brings Immediate Relief

A bend here, a lift there, and next thing you know, two years of pain. That’s what happened to Debra Trindle and her back. The Phoenix resident isn’t sure how she injured her back, but a November treatment with Dr. Michael Wolff, MD, at Southwest Spine & Sports surpassed her expectations. Read more

Specialized Care To Get You Back In Motion

woman exercisingThe doctors at Southwest Spine & Sports are board certified by the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with advanced fellowship training in interventional spine care. We specialize in physical medicine, pain management, and comprehensive rehabilitation with one goal in mind – restoring quality of life by relieving your pain.

You’ll receive expert guidance designed to prevent re-injury and help you stay as active as possible at any age. Together we’ll reduce your pain with innovative nonsurgical solutions that result in a quicker recovery, fewer lost workdays, and enhanced performance.

Who do we treat?

  • Weekend Warrior
  • Seasoned athlete
  • Injured worker

Are You a Candidate for Regenerative Medicine?


Autologous stem cells, which come from bone marrow aspirate concentrate from a patient’s own hip bone, are used to treat sports injuries and chronic musculoskeletal conditions. Professional athletes have used stem cells for years – now it’s your turn! If you are a patient with chronic low back pain from degenerative disc disease, joint pain or tendinitis, come in for an evaluation and see if you are a candidate for treatment with one of our regenerative medicine procedures (autologous stem cell concentrate, PRP or Fibrin Disc Repair). You may also qualify to participate in our ongoing study.

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