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Dear Dr Komar, I wanted to express my heartfelt appreciation for your help in achieving one of my lifetime goals, completing an Ironman Triathlon.  Without your help, I would not have been able to even participate in the event, no less complete this challenge. A little background:  Late last year, I began training for a “bucket-list” physical challenge that I had long dreamed of completing, a 140.6 mile Ironman Triathlon.  About 3 months into that training, my goal to complete this event appeared nearly impossible.  I had developed tendonitis in my right hip and physical therapy simply wasn’t relieving the pain.  The thought of biking 112 miles and running 26.2 miles with that level of pain was unthinkable.  Just as I began to fear that I’d be forced to give-up, Helen Basey, (a friend whom I truly respect and admire and just so happens to be your marketing coordinator), told me about your successes with the PRP procedure.  Admittedly, I was quite skeptical. Physical therapy had been ineffective in addressing my pain, so how could a quick procedure and mere 2 week recovery period solve a condition that had turned into chronic pain?   You took the time to provide a detailed explanation of my tendonitis and how the PRP procedure works; you showed enormous patience in outlining the recovery process; you resolved my skepticism!  So, 10 weeks prior to the triathlon event I scheduled the procedure.  The results were even better than I had hoped.  A fairly painless procedure, two weeks of recovery time, and I was back to running, biking, and swimming, with no pain.  At this point, I consider you and your staff miracle workers!  I know that medical outcomes can be measured in many different ways.  My measurement was simple – 140.6 mile Ironman Louisville completed in 14:45 (time) without the hip pain that had so impacted my daily life.  Priceless!  Dr Komar, I am eternally grateful for what you did in helping me achieve my dream.  The day I scheduled my initial consult at Southwest Spine and Sports I became a patient; today, I consider myself a true believer and friend.  Thank You! ~Kelli M

Did You Know?

Most musculoskeletal injuries can be successfully treated nonsurgically.