Southwest Spine and Sports have opened in Gilbert!

We are delighted to announce that from January 3rd, 2012, Southwest Spine and Sports will have an office open in Gilbert. This new location will allow us to offer one of our board certified physical medicine and rehabilitation expert physicians, Dr. John C. Jones, to help diagnose and treat our East Valley patients.

Dr. Jones knows Gilbert and Mesa well having been born and raised in the East Valley. He joined Southwest Spine and Sports in 2011 after completing his fellowship with us. One of his passions is finding solutions to musculoskeletal and nerve problems. His medical training has focused on helping him to improve the quality of life of his patients by treating the whole person and not just the symptoms.

Dr. Jones will be working on Tuesdays at the following address:
2940 E. Banner Gateway Drive, Suite 350, Gilbert, AZ 85234,
in the office of Arizona Hand and Wrist Specialists.

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Our Patients

I injured my back in a fall and have spent the past three years trying to make it better. I tried physical therapy first with only minor relief and a so-so exercise program. Then I tried epidural shots and a new physical therapist (a really good PT can make a huge difference). The shots and PT helped a lot, but they were not a permanent solution to the swelling in the disk for me. I cannot take anti-inflammatories on a regular basis because they make me ill, so eventually the swelling would come back. Recently, when the pressure on the sciatic nerve returned, I had PDD (Percutaneous Disc Decompression) done to help clean out the bulge in the disk. It is done as an out-patient procedure and was very similar to the epidural shots. The doctor goes in at the same place in my back and cleans the disk instead of performing an injection. I left the surgery center an hour or so later with just two small Band-aids and a huge reduction in the pain. I had one more epidural shot about a month after the procedure to help alleviate the last of the pain and swelling, and I feel great. The new Back Jacket that you wear for a few weeks to help keep your spine straight and remind you to be nice to your back is very easy to use and comes with hot/cold gel pads to fit into it as needed. I am continuing with a great physical therapist to strengthen the muscles in my back and stomach, but I feel better than I have in three years and have returned to work in just 6 weeks. Anonymous

Did You Know?

Back injuries account for 25% of all Workers’ Compensation claims.